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Divorce and family law attorneys serving Kane County and the surrounding areas

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Post-Divorce Modifications

Decisions made during divorce are relevant at the time they are established, but they can quickly become outdated. If it is time to modify an existing court order, seek experienced legal representation. At Robert A. Chapski, Ltd., we guide our clients through post-divorce modifications in Illinois, using more than 50 years of combined experience. We are dedicated to the practice of family law, and we’re prepared to handle even the most complex and contested cases.

What Factors Are Involved In Modification Orders?

When a parent is seeking a modification to an existing child custody agreement, the child’s best interests are considered first and foremost. How will the child benefit from the change? Will there be any negative effects on the child? Typically, custody modifications are the result of remarriage or relocation. If a parent wants to move away with a child, he or she must first obtain permission from the court through a child removal action.

Changes to child support and maintenance orders are almost always the result of a change in income of one party. Often, the recipient of child support or maintenance seeks an increase in the support amount following a substantial increase in the payer’s income.

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