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Divorce and family law attorneys serving Kane County and the surrounding areas

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Who Pays For College?

When finalizing a divorce, child support is determined based on several factors. As the children grow older and their needs and expenses change, the costs can become a source of conflict between divorced parents. One parent may be making decisions regarding education, activities and other costs that the parent paying child support does not agree with.

When your teenager begins to look at colleges, the question about child support and college expenses inevitably comes up: Who will pay for it? In general, the court cannot rule that one parent pay college tuition and expenses. When an individual turns 18 or graduates from high school, the court no longer has jurisdiction.

Still, both parents may want to help their child pay for college. That’s why we urge parents to communicate long before high school graduation about college savings and work out a plan to save. No one should assume the other parent will bear the burden of the high cost of college tuition.

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