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Divorce and family law attorneys serving Kane County and the surrounding areas

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Enforcing Parenting Time Orders

Under in Illinois law, there are procedures to enforce court orders for division of parenting time (once known as child custody) for parents who are divorced or who have a child together, but were not married. The law provides for ways to deal with a parent who is not allowing you to see your child and a parent who is not following the agreed upon time to return the child.

If your agreement is verbal and not filed with the court, there may be little you can do for enforcement. Having the agreement documented is a good way to be prepared should you need enforcement.

What Are The Ramifications For A Parent Who Doesn’t Follow An Order?

A parent not following an order or agreement documented by the court could be held in contempt if there is evidence of the violation.

If you are a parent who is being refused time with your child despite a divorce judgment or parenting time agreement, call the lawyers at Robert A. Chapski, Ltd., to get legal guidance personalized for your circumstances.

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