Divorce and family law attorneys serving Kane County and the surrounding areas

Divorce and family law attorneys serving Kane County and the surrounding areas

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Protecting Your Rights In Family Matters
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Complex Divorce

At Robert A. Chapski, Ltd., in Illinois, we are dedicated exclusively to finding resolutions to challenging family law matters, including the most complex divorce cases. During our more than 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys have achieved successful results for thousands of people facing difficult and complicated divorces. When decisions regarding your children, your finances, your business interests and your property are on the line, turn to our experienced lawyers for peace of mind and proven legal strategies.

What Is A Business Valuation?

Often, it is the complex nature of a married couple’s assets that makes their divorce more complex. Determining what is marital property and what is nonmarital property is not always an easy task. If you and/or your spouse own or partially own a business, it is important to seek out an attorney with business valuation experience. At Robert A. Chapski, Ltd., we are familiar with complex property division, including business valuations. Our lawyers often work with experts who assist us in valuing companies in an efficient and precise manner.

A child custody dispute is another common issue that can make a divorce more complex. Sometimes these cases require psychological evaluations and the use of expert witnesses to turn the table in our clients’ favor.

While we work hard to negotiate effective resolutions for our clients, our Kane County contested divorce attorneys are also prepared to litigate aggressively, if necessary.

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