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What should a parent use child support for?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Child Support And Maintenance

If you will receive child support as part of your divorce settlement, you should know that support does not only go toward the bare necessities for a child. Child support pays for much more than just the clothes, food, drink and medicine of your offspring.

Child support may differ across couples, so exact expenditures are not always the same. Still, U.S. News and World Report explain some general expenses that child support could cover.

Educational costs

The education of your child will likely factor into your child support. Certain factors may necessitate higher levels of support, such as the cost of going to a private school as well as lab equipment or computer programs your child needs.

Entertainment costs

While child support probably will not cover extravagant forms of entertainment for your child, basic entertainment costs could still be a factor. Since family courts want to make sure that children will not lack in the household of one parent compared to the other, your support might take the entertainment of your child into consideration.

Costs of living

You and your spouse could live in locations with two different costs of living. If you have a higher cost of living, your support costs may have to increase to meet the economic demands of your community.

Special needs costs

Children who suffer from a persistent medical condition often need a greater amount of support to cover medical expenses. Some children have special needs and cannot exercise much independence. A disabled child might require medical aids or greater care.

Depending on the needs of a child, some parents must explore other financial methods such as health insurance to maintain a proper level of support. These are important questions to work out before finalizing a divorce settlement.

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