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What kind of strategies are important for co-parenting adult children?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Child Custody, Child Support And Maintenance, Divorce

Many couples going through a divorce must complete a parenting plan to demonstrate how the children involved in the divorce will receive the necessary care, support and resources to thrive. As a couple ages, the children move past the point of needing guardianship, but should the strategies implemented for co-parenting come to an end?

How well you interact with your ex can still significantly impact the lives of your adult children.

Avoid putting them in the middle

It is essential for you to keep adult children out of any issues or frustrations concerning the divorce and the aftermath of what happened. On holidays or birthdays, do not force your adult child to choose between you or your ex to be present for dinner or family traditions. Make an effort to put your differences with the ex aside in order to be present for your child.

Squash feelings of jealousy

Once children come of age, they are free to spend their time with whomever they want, even if it means your ex. Adults who spent their childhood primarily with one parent may choose to pursue a relationship with the other parent, which should not be an area of contention. Support their decision to form a relationship and squash any feelings of jealousy that arise.

Co-parenting adult children requires the same consideration for the health and well-being of your child as the initial parenting plan drafted during the divorce. Remember, how you choose to interact with your ex will make an impact on your children and grandchildren.

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