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Why are “best interests” an important consideration?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce can disrupt your child’s life and create uncertainty and fear. Your proactive approach to helping your child understand the circumstances may alleviate some stress and provide comfort.

in Illinois is one of the states that consider the “best interests” of your child when making custody decisions. Your preparation for a custody hearing will also play a role in the outcome of negotiations.

Your child needs protection

Perhaps the most critical concern is that your child continues to have access to a safe and functional home despite the dissolve of your marriage. Courts may assess factors including the history of violence in your home, the mental, emotional and physical health of you and your ex, and each of your ability to provide a safe home.

Your child needs stability

Your child will also benefit from stability. Divorce is a major change to your family’s dynamic. However, you can ease this process when you provide as much stability as possible. According to Childwelfare.gov, in Illinois is one of the states that assesses familial and sibling relationships and their importance in your child’s life. With efforts to keep your child’s social and home life as stable as possible, you can minimize the disruptions that your divorce may otherwise cause.

Over time, a once-functional custody arrangement may no longer provide the support you or your child needs. If you encounter such circumstances, you may consider a modification to update your agreement and make it more applicable to your changing needs. During this process, courts will also address the best interests of your child in determining which changes to make.

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