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3 self-care techniques for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Divorce

During a divorce, you have the responsibility for making many difficult decisions. At the same time, you have to continue to take care of your kids, hold down a job or run a business. Keeping up with everything can be demanding, but be sure to reserve some time to take care of yourself.

Self-care during a divorce may seem unreasonably indulgent, but in fact, it serves a practical purpose. Taking care of yourself helps you keep your emotions in check during the divorce proceedings, which can help you to obtain a better outcome and preserve a cordial relationship with your ex-spouse. Psychology Today recommends multiple self-care techniques that are both effective and inexpensive.

1. Physical self-care

Your physical well-being can have a significant effect on your state of mind. Therefore, the first step in keeping yourself calm and centered may be to take care of yourself physically. Take a hot bath to help relieve pain and muscle tension. Get some exercise to release endorphins. Choose a physical activity that you like to do, and do it outside if appropriate to experience the calming effects of nature.

2. Emotional self-care

Divorce evokes a lot of strong emotions. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you feel, even if you think it may not be appropriate. Find an outlet through which to express your emotions. Do not feel as though you have to remain strong and stoic at all times. Let yourself cry if you feel like it. You may also find a creative outlet for emotional expression, such as journaling, art or music.

3. Mental self-care

Divorce can be a chaotic time, but becoming more organized may help. Schedule your day-to-day activities, making sure to pencil in some downtime to do something just for you. It can help to do things for other people but set reasonable boundaries by saying no to obligations that you cannot fulfill. Do not isolate yourself from others but avoid people who are destructively negative.

Divorce is a difficult process, but it does not last forever. Self-care during your divorce helps you come out the other side ready to begin your new life.

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