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Need to change a child support order?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Child Support And Maintenance

Needing to modify a child support order, or child custody order, can be stressful, however, the family law process provides resources to help parents with modifications following their divorce. Life changes after divorce which is why the family law process can help parents modify child support or child custody orders in certain situations to keep up with the changes.

The good news is a child support modification, or child custody modification, may be possible based on a significant change in circumstances. The family law court will evaluate a requested child support modification based on if there has been a significant change in circumstances for the parent or child. A significant change in circumstances could include a job loss, parental relocation or a change in marital status.

Parents seeking a modification should know how to request one and how to substantiate a significant change in their circumstances or of the child. They can also work with the other parent if the parents are able to agree on any desired modification. It is important, however, to always continue to abide by whatever order is in place until the family law court has made any requested change official. That is why it is also a good idea to seek a modification as soon as a parent knows it will be needed.

Child support is a significant issue for many parents and is important for the support of the child as they grow and develop. As a result, the family law process provides different resources to help guide parents and families as children grow and develop and as life inevitably changes.

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