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A parenting agreement can help you resolve child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

One of the most dreaded elements of a divorce is addressing the custody of minor children. Parents often fear that they’ll lose contact with their kids or that the children will prefer the other parent. This can lead to child custody disputes that could turn into all-out war.

A child custody battle is the last thing a divorcing family needs. Instead of dreading what you feel is inevitable, look for ways to address these important issues as early as possible. With this kind of approach, you can prevent a child custody disagreement from becoming a battle that no one wins.

Negotiating a parenting agreement is a great way to mitigate the child-centered fallout of divorce. Having an agreement in place also helps preserve your children’s sense of security. Working closely with an attorney during this process ensures the final agreement meets everyone’s needs while keeping the best interests of the children a priority.

Below you will find some examples of important elements to include in your parenting agreement:

  • Who will have physical custody of the children
  • Who will have legal custody (Often both parents fill this role.)
  • How to handle custody during holidays, birthdays and other events
  • A fair visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent
  • A plan to address any disputes or necessary child custody modifications
  • How extended family members can visit with and contact the children

Your own parenting agreement may require more personalized components to ensure that it meets all of your children’s needs. As long as the agreement is fair to all parties, there is a good chance that an in Illinois family court will approve the document. However, it is wise to have an experienced family law attorney review the document to avoid mistakes that might delay child custody negotiations.

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