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5 Examples of family law

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Child Custody, Child Support And Maintenance, Divorce

Family law cases typically involve issues between parents, spouses, and children.

Numerous domestic matters fall under family law. Here are some examples of these matters.

1. Divorce

When a spouse wants to dissolve their marriage, they must file for dissolution in a family court. These terminations occur through divorces or annulment cases. Courts also grant separation, where there are court orders for custody, alimony and property, but the couple is still legally married. Divorce is one of the more common occurrences in family law.

2. Paternity or custody

If a man must be officially declared the biological father of one or more children, they or the mother can file with family courts to establish paternity. That will permanently set the man as the father of a child.

Unmarried couples can also ask family courts to help establish custody, child support and visitation schedules. These cases do not have to involve divorces.

3. Domestic violence protection orders

Domestic violence victims can petition family courts for protection orders that keep their abusers away. These can occur alongside or separately from marriage dissolution.

4. Name changes

Parents can legally change their children’s names through the family courts. Adults may also have to go through these courts to obtain name changes.

5. Guardianship

Guardianship determines who has the right to make personal, financial and medical decisions for a child. This is different than custody battles associated with divorce.

Since these are all family law matters, they fall under family court jurisdiction, making them civil cases. They are very different from those handled in general civil or criminal courts.

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