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Reasons to sign a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Divorce

People marry assuming they will be together until the end of time. Nonetheless, even solid relationships can fray to the point that the pair splits.

Acknowledging the possibility of divorce paves the way for a smoother future. Fiancees that sign prenuptial agreements are merely protecting themselves should dissolution come.

Financial allocation

Premarriage contracts delve into details about assets. Eliminating arguments over who gets specific pieces of property makes splitting less stressful. A prenup assures that accumulation of wealth is not an ulterior motive. This is especially true when one spouse remains the primary breadwinner. Indeed, it is shocking how many choose marriage as a path to riches.

Debt protection

One partner may be entering holy matrimony owing a considerable amount. When debt exists during divorces without prenups, courts split those deficits between parties. Before-marriage contracts safeguard fiscally conscientious individuals from shouldering the fallout of irresponsible spending.

Legal fee reduction

On average, getting a divorce costs around $15,000 per person. This amount can go much higher for couples with complex portfolios. Prenuptial agreements reduce the time attorneys must put into bridging interpersonal conflicts. Less effort on their part means lower fees.

Couple communication

Directly tackling challenging conversations helps set the stage for a solid union. Crafting a prenup means raising tough topics, such as who will receive the marital home. Airing concerns is always healthier than harboring worries and allowing them to fester.

Prenups provide a host of advantages that lovebirds often do not realize. Those aware of the benefits act accordingly, thus doing themselves an invaluable service.

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