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How to create a healthy birdnesting parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Child Custody

Determining a custody plan is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. Both you and your spouse want to act in the best interests of your children, but you also have to consider yourselves within the equation. Some parents choose to birdnest as a way to help children acclimate to the divorce while deciding what their future looks like.

Birdnesting can alleviate some of the stress involved in splitting your households. However, you need to ensure you do it healthily to avoid making matters more stressful.

Create a detailed plan

Birdnesting involves maintaining the family home and alternating times with the kids. The parents have a second apartment or house to rotate between when not with the children. Adhering to a detailed plan will eliminate a lot of potential stress. Despite having access to the home, you should only be there on your time and vice versa. Being strict about the parenting plan reduces the risk of fighting but can also help kids acclimate to the new routine.

Maintain schedules and routines

Children benefit from birdnesting because it allows them to maintain their old routines. Try to keep the routine the same, with minimal changes. The most significant change in a nesting situation is that there are no longer two parents at the same time in the home. Kids can maintain their schedules, attend the same schools and adjust to life with divorced parents without shaking up their entire world.

If you choose to birdnest with your spouse, do not maintain the lifestyle for too long. Parents who nest for more than six months may give the wrong impression to their kids. You want them to accept the divorce, not think that you plan to get back together.

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