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Is joint custody right for everyone?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce

Joint custody is one of many options when it comes to child custody arrangements in divorce situations. Though it is not ideal for everyone, it does have numerous well-documented benefits.

How can you tell if it is right for you, though?

Potential benefits of joint custody

As Psychology Today states, joint custody does have numerous benefits. For children, studies from around the world and over a lengthy span of time have shown that experiencing joint custody can lead to healthier coping mechanisms in childhood and adulthood, and healthier relationships throughout a child’s life.

On top of that, these children also have lower reported rates of mental health troubles like depression or anxiety as specifically related to their parent’s divorce. This even includes trauma and stressor disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Parents also benefit from this arrangement, as they both have full and continued access to their children. They can help support their child and shape their future while building a strong relationship with them throughout the years.

Who it may not work for

Joint custody may not work for families where one parent is physically unable to spend time with their child. This may happen with a parent serving as an active duty member of the armed forces, or for parents facing a period of incarceration. It may also not work for a family in which one parent faces accusations of abuse or neglect, whether the alleged target was the child or someone else.

However, for families that find this a reasonable option, they may be able to reap the associated benefits.

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