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What if you have to move away from your co-parent and children?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Child Custody

A big move can serve as a giant life stressor even in the best of circumstances. In a situation involving divorce, it can cause even more stress. After all, you have already worked so hard to come up with a viable co-parenting schedule.

But life sometimes takes you away from where you want to be, and you simply have to find ways to make things work in the interim. So how can you do that with long-distance co-parenting?

Why do parents re-locate?

Parents Magazine looks into other situations where co-parents deal with long-distance parenting situations. Many of these families have one parent in the military, which involves constant relocating by military command. However, some parents must move away to pursue job opportunities. Others may have to make temporary relocations in order to care for sick or elderly relatives.

In these situations, you can turn to technology to help close the communication gap. You do not need to wait until you can see your children in person to talk to them. Instead, see what methods of communication they feel most comfortable with. Some may prefer video or voice calls, while others might like sticking to text messages or instant messages.

Setting up a schedule

Try to set up a schedule for more in-depth conversations, if your schedule allows. For example, you could have one phone or video conversation once a week at around the same time or on the same day. You can also keep yourself open to text communication for the remainder of the week.

This open communication and willingness to let your child set the pace can go a long way not only for keeping your child comfortable but for letting you maintain your relationship even at a distance.

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