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Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2021 | Divorce

Collaborative divorce remains an option that some separating couples have not heard of or even considered. But it represents a beneficial way to resolve a divorce, allowing each party to lead the discussions, negotiations, while en route to resolution. The process costs less money and potentially less pain without having to go through court.

The problem solving is in the hands of the divorcing couple who must commit to working together; something they may have been used to doing in their marriage before things turned sour. Now, it is up to them to take on the topics of the division of assets, child support and parenting plans in order to come up with a satisfactory agreement.

Savings in time and costs

Collaborative divorce is a strategy that falls somewhere between mediation and litigation. Each person retains an attorney who confers with them and provides crucial insight during the negotiations. These attorneys also must be trained in collaborative divorce.

Many advantages exist in collaborative divorce, and some include:

  • You are in control: Though you have the guidance of your personal attorney, you and your estranged spouse lead the discussions, meant to be open, honest and, sometimes, informal.
  • Less costly: No need to go to court as the latter can prove to be an expensive experience.
  • Significant time savings: Since you direct the discussions, you know what is at stake. You are not at the mercy of the judge’s schedule, either, which can abruptly change.
  • More privacy: You gain a better sense of comfort knowing that you are not in a courtroom and a matter of the public record.

These attributes are among the most beneficial with collaborative divorce. You negotiate in privacy, while working on compromises, too.

Finding an amenable solution

You may have worked well together for a time in your marriage. Now, you hope to work well together in the dissolution of your marriage. There are many benefits to collaborative divorce. You seek a solution amenable to both of you. It is possible.

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