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How can you help your child understand your custody plan?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Child Custody

When it comes to child custody, it can be a delicate topic. It’s never easy to spend time away from your child, but it may be a requirement after a divorce.

You and your estranged spouse are both good people, so you decided on a custody schedule that gives you both around 50% of the time with your child. You want to make sure that this is an easy transition for your child, too. What are some things you can do to make the custody plan simpler for your child to understand and follow? Here are three tips.

1. Make an age-appropriate calendar for your child

One good idea that can help your child remember their custody schedule is to have an age-appropriate calendar. For example, if they are 5 or 6, you can have a seven-day calendar that has a star to show what day it is. You could have a picture of mom or dad on each day of the week to show who has custody, so your child knows who they’ll see that day.

2. Talk to your child about spending time at both homes

You should sit down and discuss how custody works with your child. They should understand where they’ll sleep and that both homes are theirs. You want to make them comfortable in both properties, so you’ll want to listen to any questions or concerns they have.

3. Make drop-offs easy

Finally, make drop-off days easy. You want it to be as calm as possible. Don’t make a habit of rushing and driving off as soon as they’re in the door. Make sure they get inside safely, say goodbye and be civil to your soon-to-be ex spouse.

With these tips, your child can be more comfortable with the new custody arrangements. If they’re comfortable, you and your child’s other parent can be more confident that your child will adjust.

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