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Speak out if your ex-spouse is misusing child support funds

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Child Support And Maintenance

Child support is an important support for your children. It’s a way to make sure they have the income of a two-parent household supporting them, even if you can’t live with them.

Child support may seem unfair to some parents, especially if they have their children half the time or even more. The truth is that the support you pay goes toward the things your child needs in their other home. When they’re not with you, that money goes toward helping them live in a safe environment, to go to a good school and to receive the necessities of daily living.

What should you do if you believe the other parent is misusing child support?

There is no distinct rule on how parents have to spend child support. Some will spend it on food or shelter. Others will put it into a savings account for their child’s education. However, if you believe that the other parent is misusing those funds and not providing for your child, then you should reach out to your attorney for help.

There are some signs of misusing funds you will want to have evidence of including:

  • Your child coming home with torn or damaged clothing
  • Your child complaining about not eating at the other parent’s home
  • Posts online about using the funds to buy unnecessary items while your child receives nothing
  • Complaints about ill-fitting clothing or worn-out shoes despite high support payments

If you can show that the other parent is not using the funds you’re providing to them in a way that helps your child, you may be able to have your custody or child support arrangement changed.

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