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Making a peaceful divorce your ultimate goal

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Uncategorized

Divorce. The very word sends waves of dread throughout in Illinois couples considering a permanent break. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the only solution that will end an unhappy situation and return peace of mind to all involved parties.

Some divorces are completely out of control and devolve into an all-out war regardless of the serenity both parties seek. Despite all efforts, these situations might not proceed civilly. However, in our family law practice, we have seen some couples headed for disaster turn their difficult situation around by putting in the effort necessary to acquire a peaceful divorce. If a peaceful divorce is your ultimate goal, we want to offer you a few tips that may help you succeed.

We have found that once both spouses realize that there are no winners and no losers in divorce, they are better able to reach a satisfactory settlement. By putting thoughts of winning and losing to rest, the issues delaying or complicating divorce are much easier to resolve.

Blame is another concept that makes divorcing more complex than it needs to be. When possible, making a conscious effort to abandon the blame game often helps both spouses focus on the real-world issues (property division, child support, alimony, etc.) of divorce instead of getting lost in the emotional side of the process.

Finally, we just want to caution you against going through your divorce alone. We all need support to survive difficult situations and a divorce certainly qualifies as a difficult situation. In addition to getting the emotional support you need, be sure not to overlook your need for legal guidance and advocacy.

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